Studio Policy

It is my goal to share my love of music and the piano with my students in a positive, individualized learning environment. Students will become skilled music readers in order that they can play independently in the future. They will also learn age appropriate theory and music history.

All non-adult students take sixteen 40 minute lessons during the school year and at least four 45 minute lessons during the summer. Adult students may discuss other options. The semester tuition rate during the school year is $510. Summer tuition is $140. Extra lessons may be added for a fee. There will be regular cost of living increases, not to exceed 5%.

Tuition may be paid in whole, half, or monthly installments. Monthly installments will be a fixed amount, based on total tuition, not the number of lessons in a month. Tuition is due the first lesson of the month. There is a $20 per student late payment penalty for any payment that isn’t received by Friday of the week it is due.

Occasionally, there are extra activities in which students are invited to participate. These activities require additional fees, which will be due to me upon notice.

Students will be required to purchase the majority of the music that is used. If I loan you music. I ask that it be handled with care. If you damage music, you will be billed for a new copy.

At the end of each school year, spaces for the fall will be reserved with a $25 non-refundable fee. This fee will be held in reserve for events and music the following year. If you decide to discontinue lessons after reserving a space, this fee will not be refunded.

Students are expected to attend all lessons. When choosing a lesson time, please try to make allowances for activities that may conflict. If you must cancel at the last minute, there will not be a refund or a make up, except in the case of emergency, weather or illness.

There is a limit of one make up lesson per student per semester. All make up lessons will be scheduled at my convenience. If you cannot make the time(s) that I have offered, the lesson will be lost. Make up lessons will not be rescheduled for any reason. Lessons may not be held over to the next semester. There will be no make up lessons after the semester.

If you know in advance that you will be unable to attend your lesson, you should contact another student to trade lessons. Please notify me of the trade in advance. There are no limits on trades. If you cannot arrange a trade and give at least on week notice, I will attempt to reschedule the lesson. This will count as your one make up lessons.

A mid-semester departure from the studio requires two weeks notice. These two weeks must be paid for regardless of attendance.

Other information
It is my goal that all lessons will begin and end on time. I will not inconvenience the rest of my student if you are late, nor will I extend my day if you are the last student of the day. Parents should plan to drop off and pick up their children on time, as to not disturb my other students and family. I am often working on projects right up until the time lessons begin and sometimes need to leave right after my teaching day ends. Please do not arrive more than 5 minutes early and do be punctual at pick up.

All students must have a spiral notebook in which assignments and practicing can be recorded.

I strongly encourage parents to be involved with their child’s lessons. Parents are more than welcome to attend all lessons or parts of lessons. Parents of children that cannot yet read should plan on helping with daily practice. Please feel free to contact me at any time to discuss any concerns or thoughts you may have about lessons.