I have always found that students are happiest when they are progressing and progress doesn’t happen without practice. All students will be required to practice five times per week outside of their lesson. Students should plan to practice 20 – 40 minutes daily. Part of this practice can include drills on note names, musical symbols, or sight reading. Younger students may benefit from dividing their practice time into two sessions and will require adult assistance.

I try to give specific practice directions on most pieces, and I expect these directions will be followed. These directions are designed to provide the best results in the most efficient manner. Plan to consult the notebook with your child to make sure practicing is done properly. Mindless practicing leads to mindless playing and stunted progress.

Practicing is one of those things that students rarely do voluntarily. It is often helpful if students and parents work out some sort of set time for practicing. This often alleviates a battle of wills over when practicing will be done. It is the responsibility of students and parents to ensure that practicing is done. Students who show up unprepared repeatedly may be given the opportunity to practice at my studio independently or may be asked to return home. Failure to practice regularly is grounds for dismissal from this studio.

Please always feel free to notify me if your child is having particular trouble with her/her assigned material. I am always available to provide helpful tips during the week. Students will occasionally run into roadblocks along the way due to numerous factors. At times like these, I will adjust assignments so that continued success and progress are maintained.